Updated website design delivers a rave-worthy performance

The new and improved Neglia Ballet website is a content-rich, user-friendly marketing tool. Presented with dramatic photos and video clips that capture the fluid movement of ballet, a visitor can gain a greater understanding of what this world-renowned studio offers. The reorganized navigation gives users quick access to information on Neglia’s programs and performances, a calendar of upcoming events and rehearsals, helpful FAQs, and direct links to the class registration and donation pages. The new page layouts include testimonials, large visual ‘buttons’ to showcase Neglia’s main class levels, and dynamic content balanced in an easy-to read format, all optimized for a variety of screen sizes.

The redesigned Neglia Ballet website features dynamic layouts and hero images, and a more streamlined UI experience

Encore includes a digital and environmental marketing campaign

After conducting such a deep exploration of Neglia’s brand, audience, and competitors – which is a standard part of the OtherWisz website design and development process – it made sense for the studio to further enlist the help of our team for their future marketing efforts. While planning campaigns for Fall 2021 and Summer 2022 enrollment, we met with Neglia several times to discuss their past advertising strategy and some preliminary ad concepts.

The Neglia Ballet fall 2021 campaign included paid digital ads, social media marketing, and bus shelter ads

The Fall 2021 ads targeted children and their parents, aiming to increase Neglia’s youth enrollment. A photoshoot was arranged to capture imagery that tells the story of both the beautiful open studio space, and the connection made between young students and their instructors. We developed headlines that support this relationship as depicted in the photos, presenting Neglia as a builder of confidence, imagination and independence – all aspects that are part of the studio’s program, which reaches beyond simply learning to dance.

The Neglia Ballet fall 2021 campaign included paid digital ads, social media marketing, and bus shelter ads

The more recent Summer 2022 campaign was designed to promote the studio’s international ballet intensive and children’s summer programs. Each ad featured a dynamic hero image of a Neglia dancer in motion, silhouetted against a lively field of blue. The main campaign message was given an oversized typographic treatment that’s impossible to miss, then layered behind the figures to create a sense of depth.

The Neglia Ballet summer 2022 bus shelter ad located next to the studio on Main Street