A new logo that reaches the community

Pinnacle was looking for a brand that would reinforce their message in a meaningful way. The scope of this project included a new logo, an updated tagline, stationery, and a website update complete with new brand colors and typography. This rebrand broadens the scope of their target audience to better reflect their mission of changing lives: empowering people to meet their goals ¬working Side by Side, Step by Step.

Logo design for a non-profit community services organization

The new Pinnacle logo is a natural transition from their old mark. This helps to avoid any confusion that can accompany a drastic name change. Similar to the original logomark, the new identity depicts a group of people symbolizing the solidarity that Pinnacle provides their clients. The wordmark is rendered in a strong, yet friendly serif typeface and the subtitle “Community Services” is set in a light sans serif that becomes the base of the logo, supporting the message that the community is an integral part of Pinnacle’s success.

Branded envelopes for a community services organization

Warming up Pinnacle’s brand colors

The development of a new color scheme distinguishes the Pinnacle brand from their competitors and breaks the organization out of their existing cool palette of blue-green tones. The main logo color is a strong blue, supported by orange-crimson and goldenrod. This pairing provides solidity without losing the warmth that is ever-present in their approach to care work.

Mobile website design for non-profit organization