Digital Marketing is improved with the addition of a set of informative videos

With a more complete understanding of Rigidized, we were able to produce and direct a set of informative marketing videos. This project included a 3-minute corporate overview video and an accompanying set of 14 shorter videos highlighting Rigidized Metals’ services and products. The videos were created to expand the company’s presence online using engaging content that explains their history and the benefits of their products.

View all of the Rigidized videos on their YouTube channel: click here.

Read more about the video development and production process on the OW Blog.

Digital Marketing videos for Rigidized were produced and directed by OtherWisz Creative

A new website provides a streamlined customer experience

OtherWisz’s upgrade to the Rigidized website design establishes a manageable flow of information, that takes into consideration how visitors use the website. Establishing a clear system was one of the main goals of this redesign. With easier navigation, users can find Rigidized’s signature projects and products in addition to their full library of patterns. A new e-commerce sample ordering system lets clients search their gallery of products, sort and select sample swatches, and order online. The updated content on the website is targeted to improve organic search traffic and ranking, making it easier to find Rigidized products online. Since the new website was launched with upgraded SEO, the website’s ranking has increased significantly according to OtherWisz’s search engine optimization tools.

An interior page of the Rigidized Metals website design showing their design and engineering services

Working with a client like Rigidized Metals, that has an inside marketing & sales team, shows how OtherWisz can compliment and enhance a company’s existing staff. While their inside people work on day-to-day needs, our team can help strategize and implement bigger picture projects, like the product naming, the video production project, digital marketing, and the website.


  • Signage
  • Video Production
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
A breakdown of the Rigidized Metals logo from the OtherWisz brand audit.