Packaging design for CBD products

The CBD Gel Patch is a wellness product recently launched by Silipos, with packaging design by OtherWisz Creative. The 6 3/4″x 8 1/4″ package contains three patches and was designed to match the client’s newly updated Wellness sub-brand, utilizing a soothing green color palette with a subtle gradient. The exterior package features a curved graphic motif that frames the text for easy reading. In the background on the front of the package, an abstract graphic of a cannabinol compound helps represent the contents of the CBD product in a subtle way. After designing the package, we created a 3D rendering to give Silipos an idea of how our design would look in context.

rendering of cbd packaging design for medical product manufacturer by otherwisz creative

Updated product illustrations

To update the packaging of Silipos’ Active and other orthopedic product lines, the illustrations were redrawn to achieve a new, cohesive look. The illustrations began as hand-drawn sketches based on in-house reference photos. The anatomical accuracy of the feet was highly important to represent Silipos’ products in the most realistic way. In their application, the instructions for the products are easy to understand, with a directive arrow that helps guide users in the correct usage of the products.

Orthopedic medical product illustrations, otherwisz created custom product illustrations for Silipos

Icons deliver important care messages

A uniform set of icons were also developed to reaffirm the consistency desired from the client. Careful consideration was required in the development of simple imagery that is comprehensive and understood easily, even without words. The universal icons created for Silipos’ products instruct the user on the best means of caring for their orthopedic products, in addition to sharing universal health and safety warnings. Pulling everything together in the new package fulfilled our client’s desire for a clean and consistent brand image.


  • Packaging Design
  • Custom Illustration
  • Icon Development
custom warning icons were created by otherwisz creative for a medical product manufacturer