Launching the CaringGuidance website

The CaringGuidance website is the primary tool in Dr. Lally’s study and was launched to a set of actual test patients. The site provides information about breast cancer, gathers data and encourages interaction among users. CaringGuidance provides reading materials, interviews, videos from patients, surveys, an interactive chat forum, and a list of additional resources. The site was designed to be cross-browser compatible and mobile-friendly, ensuring all users shared the same experience. Patient use of the site was monitored and documented. Upon completion, the data was collected, analyzed and used by Dr. Lally’s team.

Web Design, Health & Wellness, Online Tools, Caring Guidance

Helping CPAP users sleep better

Following the success of the CaringGuidance project, the OtherWisz team was contacted by Dr. Suzanne Dickerson, of the State University of New York at Buffalo, to recreate a similar model for a different research project. Dr. Dickerson wanted to assist user’s of a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) system to better understand their sleep aide equipment and ultimately sleep better. The “Practical Advice for CPAP Users” website was launched with helpful information, user’s experience stories, videos and a set of interactive, gamified tools that helped users gauge their knowledge and better inform them on using their CPAP machines.

Web Design, Health & Wellness, Online Tools, CPAP

Both of these projects were storyboarded, designed, developed, built and tested by the OtherWisz team, including the creation of the interactive custom tools and user tracking and analytics system.


  • Custom Website Design
  • Web Development
  • Research and Analysis
Web Design, Health & Wellness, Online Tools, CPAP