Updating WilkArch with a clean logomark

Simplicity is a foundational principle in design. It is the refinement of an element to its most essential form, and to that end, our focus for the WilkArch logo was sleek, clean typography. Two weights are used to distinguish the word units in “WilkArch” with a bold orange color and a medium grey. The elegant logotype reflects WilkArch’s identity as an efficient and capable firm, offering well-designed services to a select audience of building owners and developers.

Architect, logo design, branding, construction management

The foundation of a portfolio website design is great imagery

To best display WilkArch’s work online, large photos of the projects are showcased on the website. The site is easy to navigate with homepage hotkeys that lead you to the firm’s two portfolios. Project specs and information is minimal, as the primary focus is showing off the visual beauty of the work. A spacious layout gives the images room to breathe, and room for users to appreciate the work and explore the list of exciting projects and services.


  • Website Design
  • Logo Design
Architect, website design, logo design, branding, construction management