Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop, Event branding, logo design, logo system, website design, marketing
Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop, Event branding, logo design, logo system, website design, marketing
ACAW, Architectural Ceramic Workshop, Event Marketing, Branding, Logo Design, Print Design, Signage, Way finding, Bookmark

    Branding and logo design, website design, event marketing and management, and social media brings together industry leaders to professional workshop.


    Boston Valley Terra Cotta called on OtherWisz Creative to assist with an industry workshop the company was organizing in conjunction with the University at Buffalo School of Architecture.

    The week-long workshop gathered industry experts from around the globe to experiment with large-scale applications of ceramic components. The goal was to attract the attention of leaders in the ceramic and architectural industries with the message that Boston Valley has both the capability and expertise for innovation and technological advancement of architectural ceramic facade solutions.

    ACAW, Event Marketing, Website Design, Branding, Media Kit, Marketing, Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop, Boston Valley Terra Cotta

    With a very aggressive deadline, OtherWisz expedited the design and development of the marketing campaign, assisting with the naming of the workshop, designing and developing the identity, an email blast template and building a website in four weeks. The robust, informative mobile-responsive website informs participants, sponsors, and press about the workshop synopsis and outlines the daily itinerary, venues, and events. Additional marketing services included event signage, promotional items and the writing of press releases to promote the week-long industry event.

    ACAW, Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop, Event management, Email Marketing, Newsletter, Registration, MailChimp

    The ACAW logo is particularly unique, in that the system presents a shifting typeface that changes into variable configurations, stressing the connection between the letterforms and acknowledging the modularity of the product, reinforcing the tension in the relationship of assemblies. Thus, the ACAW logo becomes an assemblage itself, growing and expanding within the structure of its components – a building identity.

    ACAW, Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop, Event Management, Marketing, Giveaways, Tumblers, Name tags, Boston Valley Terra Cotta

    With the promotion of the ACAWorkshop — to be an annual event held every August — Boston Valley Terra Cotta has reinforced the company image as innovative experts in the manufacturing of architectural ceramics. Requests for factory visits from high-profile architects and facade engineers have increased as well as RFQs resulting in new custom-designed terra cotta facade projects.


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