Ballyhoo menu design, drink menu, cocktails, newspaper, branding, print design
Ballyhoo, Logo design, Links & Drinks, restaurant branding, menus, apparel, signage
Ballyhoo menu design, drink menu, cocktails, newspaper, branding, print design
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Ballyhoo, Signage, logo, branding, Ballyhoo Links and Drinks, Buffalo NY

    Logo design, branding, menu design & marketing services reflects unique style of popular Buffalo, NY restaurant.

    Ballyhoo Bar & Drambox Cocktail Service

    After success as a workingman’s tavern with over 40 years of service in Buffalo’s historic First Ward, Ballyhoo has found new life with an updated concept of the classic gin-mill. What is a ‘Ballyhoo?’

    Ballyhoo menu cards, Sausage, print design restaurant logo, branding, branded apparel, signage

    OtherWisz Creative was called to develop the visual identity for a long lost tavern space formerly known for over 40 years as the Malamute Tavern. Tim & Morgan Stevens planned to revive the throwback shot-and-a-beer joint mixed with homemade meal-in-hand specialty sausage plates, soups, salads and a killer mac ‘n cheese. Located by Buffalo’s historic grain elevators, Ballyhoo Links & Drinks opened in the Fall of 2014 serving craft beer & classic cocktails. OtherWisz developed the playful aesthetic of a game style logo with bubble typography as well as the punch card lunch menus – accompanied by branded mini pencils – and an informative and entertaining spirits and drinks newspaper menu. Ballyhoo is a reminder of Buffalo’s blue-collar past where everything seems new again.


    Ballyhoo Links & Drinks


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    Ballyhoo & Drambox Cocktails