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    Logo, business cards, stationery, and website design presents solid brand for financial servicing law firm.


    Gross Polowy, a legal services firm in the mortgage industry, needed a solid logo that could become the first step to building their new visual brand. The OtherWisz Creative solution is a traditional typeface with slightly enlarged initials to give the wordmark grounded strength; using all lowercase letters reflect the approachability of a firm that is involved in much community service and charity work.

    Gross Polowy, Branding, Logo Design, Logotype, Wordmark, purple

    The partner’s lowercase initials became a striking graphic element, used as a watermark on the cards, letterhead, and envelopes. The business cards are sharply printed in two-colors on a heavy, premium card stock, making each attorney’s card a memorable first impression.

    Gross Polowy, Stationary Design, Business Cards, Logo, Branding, Print Design


    Gross Polowy


    Logo Design, Stationery, Web Design

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