Joe's Deli, Website Design, Mobile responsive, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management
Joe's Deli, Website Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management
Joe's Deli, Rebrand, Logo, Signage, Print Design, Advertising, Marketing
Joe's Deli, Coupon, Print Marketing, Marketing Materials, Postcards, Targeted Marketing Campaign

    Branding, logo design, website design, event marketing services, social media maintenance, and apparel design unites message for Buffalo, NY restaurant group.


    Joe Lyons, the namesake of Joes’s Deli, came to OtherWisz looking to “freshen up” and assist with marketing strategies of his 10-year old deli business. First established on Hertel Avenue in 2006, Joe’s Deli had grown to two locations, adding an Elmwood location in 2013. Recent changes to the neighborhood, including news that the nearby Women’s and Children’s Hospital was closing, suggested that Joe’s Elmwood location might have future challenges maintaining a steady customer base. The Joe’s Deli logo had changed over the years, evolving into an image that did not accurately reflect what the deli offered — a great place to get fresh sandwiches, homemade soups, salads and wraps in a relaxed atmosphere suitable for young couples, families, and employees of local businesses.

    The OtherWisz team performed a brand audit to determine Joe’s message and developed an identity that more closely aligned with the deli’s original core values, retaining certain attributes of the logo that served the company’s image well. We also looked at Joe’s target audience and how best to reach them.

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    New graphics, signage, a bi-monthly newsletter and a social media schedule has been developed to re-define the tone of the marketing and illustrate company culture. Coupons and special items and services have been implemented to attract and expand the target audience, and a new website that will better identify the two unique locations and help customers place orders is soon to launch. PR and event promotion were designed for the celebratory 10th Anniversary $2.10 Sandwich Sale. The next step in the marketing strategy is to reach out to old and new customers, reintroducing Joe’s Deli through direct mail, advertisements, and a rewards program.

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    The Joe’s Deli campaign has been a grassroots approach, working with Joe to focus on local neighborhoods with a new social media push and advertising in order to raise awareness and boost sales for both locations.


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