Complete rebranding including a new logo design, business cards, stationery, and updated website for a non-profit care work focused organization in Niagara Falls, New York.


    Formerly known as Niagara Family and Children’s Services, the recently renamed Pinnacle Community Services is an organization dedicated to providing care work to the people of Niagara County. Their professional success is defined by the relationships they build with their clients, a solid understanding of those they serve, and their dedication to providing top-tier services to the community.

    A staple in Niagara Falls and Lockport with a 120-year-old history of helping those in need, this non-profit organization decided it was time to change their name and update their visual brand to broaden the scope of their target audience. Pinnacle felt they needed to better reflect their mission statement of changing lives by empowering people to achieve more and meet their goals by working “Side by Side, Step by Step” with the community.

    After a naming strategy, the organization decided on “Pinnacle Community Services,” which they felt expressed theirs & their clients’ goals. They came to OtherWisz Creative to help build a brand to fit this new name. We had an existing working relationship with the organization – developing their website in 2014 and providing ongoing maintenance and updates – so they knew that our team understood the services they offer and they were familiar with the quality of our work. Pinnacle felt comfortable entrusting us to create multiple options for a new visual identity that would give them choices, but ultimately something that would reinforce their message in a meaningful way. The scope of this project sought to create a new logo, an updated tagline, stationery, and a website update complete with new brand colors and typography.

    There was initial apprehension over their chosen name as our research revealed many companies sharing the name “Pinnacle” and hundreds of logos that included mountain motifs in cool blue-green color schemes, which was also found in their original logo mark of a triangular shape in blue-green colors. After meeting with the Pinnacle team and spending the time to understand how and why the team selected this name, OtherWisz developed 5 logo comps to reflect the ideals behind the organization’s name change. After presenting our ideas to the Pinnacle team in a roundtable meeting, the client universally selected one of the comps, which we developed into the final logo artwork.

    The new logo for Pinnacle was seen as a natural transition from their old mark, and it helped to avoid confusion that can accompany a drastic name change. Similar to the original logomark, the new identity depicts a group of people united. The new logo places them at the top of their name, rising in the togetherness and solidarity that Pinnacle provides to their clients as a foundation to help uplift their community. The wordmark is rendered in a strong serif typeface that projects a touch of friendliness and approachability. The subtitle “Community Services,” set in a light sans serif typeface becomes the base of the logo, supporting and solidifying the message that the community is an integral part of Pinnacle’s success.

    The development of a new color scheme was important to the project as we pushed the brand away from their existing and limited blue-green palette. We wanted new colors that are familiar and inviting and a palette that stood out from their competitors. We decided on a 3-color palette with the main logo color being a stronger (not watery) blue, supported by orange-crimson and goldenrod colors. The pairing of these colors provides solidity without losing the warmth that is ever-present in their approach to care work.

    From there, we developed new stationery and updated their existing website with the Pinnacle logo and the new color scheme, keeping the site’s existing layout and content. The client introduced the new name and logo – which was kept secret for the several months of development – with an event, revealing that name and logo to a crowd of employees, community members, and the local media. The new brand was met with applause as the organization successfully transitioned into their new identity.


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