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As a pandemic sweeps through the country, many events, concerts, and other large gatherings have been cancelled in order to adhere to health and safety guidelines. However, some organizations have found that hosting a virtual event is a good alternative to simply calling off their plans completely. Recently, OtherWisz has helped a few of our clients prepare event campaigns that will draw interest even without the benefit of a physical platform.

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As time goes on and companies change, their brands grow and develop to represent those changes. Through our creative process at OtherWisz, we always return to our four key phrases as an anchor to the work we do: Ask Why, Look Closely, Learn How & Try More. Our methods are multifaceted, enriching, and at the end of the day, they are rewarding. Each one helps deliver our message: design is a process of unfolding — it happens over time and it can be transformational. As we reflect on the state of the OtherWisz Creative brand, the final phrase Try More comes back time and time again.

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Buffalo, NY – OtherWisz Creative Corporation, a marketing and design studio specializing in identity and website design, announce that they have been hired by Portland, Oregon’s Benson Industries to audit their brand, create a new identity system and website and to improve the global marketing of their products and services. Benson is a specialty contractor and structural glass facade manufacturer that produces custom unitized curtain wall systems for high-performance buildings such as One World Trade Center and the New York Times Building in NYC.

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The word ‘brand’ has become quite a buzz word; being tossed around a lot by marketing folks. But what exactly is your company’s ‘brand?’ Your company’s visual identity – your logo – is only a part of your company’s brand. A well-built brand connects, supports, and strengthens your company image with your logo. A brand is more than colors and font styles associated with your printed marketing materials. Read more