Stationary design for a non-profit including envelopes and business cards

Buffalo, NY – OtherWisz Creative Corporation principals Mark and Jill Wisz have announced their full-service creative studio has designed a new logo and developed the accompanying visual brand for Niagara Falls, NY’s Pinnacle Community Services, a private, non-profit family service agency. The project includes new stationery and an updated website for the organization formerly known as Niagara Family and Children’s Services.
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Brochure design, member brochure, garden market, branding

Located on Buffalo’s Westside, Urban Roots is a co-op gardening supply store that sells indigenous plants, heirloom vegetables, and gifts. Our relationship with Urban Roots began when the general manager, Patti Jablonski-Dopkin, started exploring options to market and grow their business. She came to OtherWisz hoping to gain a better understanding of their brand, so we introduced her to our Brand Audit & Marketing Strategy process.

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Logo wall installation in architectural manufacturers office

Designing a company’s existing visual brand is always an exciting project. It gives our team the opportunity to direct how a company presents itself to the world, rewriting their unique visual language. Changing a company identity encompasses logo, colors, typography, tagline & messaging — these adjustments directly and subliminally communicate the company’s values and personality. This is not an easy task and it is one that comes with extensive research and a good amount of trust.

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The word ‘brand’ has become quite a buzz word; being tossed around a lot by marketing folks. But what exactly is your company’s ‘brand?’ Your company’s visual identity – your logo – is only a part of your company’s brand. A well-built brand connects, supports, and strengthens your company image with your logo. A brand is more than colors and font styles associated with your printed marketing materials. Read more

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