Car Wrap Design, Soapbox Derby

The OtherWisz team is well versed in “mobile marketing”. We are not talking about smart phones and mobile devices, but vehicle wraps. Your company car, truck, or entire vehicle fleet can become mobile billboards for your business as seen in the designs we have done for Barrett Industries, Kenmore Development and Boston Valley Terra Cotta.

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The Neglia Ballet ad campaign makes a strong impression on pedestrians and bus travelers

If you’re looking to get the most out of your marketing budget, passive environmental ads are a great value when you consider the large size of your potential audience. Advertisements on or around public transportation services are seen by thousands of people everyday, whether they are riding a bus, waiting at the stop, walking down the street, or driving a vehicle.

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The BFNC's new mural spans 3 adjacent walls, forming a triptych. The murals use vintage photos from the organization's history

Mural design is an interactive art – words, photos and graphics combine to create a mood, beautify a space, express a message, or memorialize historical events. In commercial settings, wall murals – also called environmental graphics – can act as an effective interior design tool for visual storytelling, communicating with building residents and visitors alike.

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