A set of branded pop-up banners for Dalex Roofing include both vertical and horizontal displays

OtherWisz has been assisting Dalex Roofing with marketing services since 2016; past projects include brochures and pocket folder design, stationery, website optimization, and various digital ad campaigns for Google AdWords, Facebook, and NextDoor. We have refined Dalex’s marketing over the course of our relationship, developing a working set of brand standards for the company. This not only makes our job as designers easier, but lends a consistent visual language to the brand so that every touch point with their audience is recognizable as distinctly “Dalex.”

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a room full of pop-up banners designed for Barrett industries

For companies looking to hire, it has become increasingly hard to attract new talent. In addition to using online job postings and headhunting agencies, many companies also turn to job fairs and other traditional recruitment events. Like trade shows, these events often take place in a large open space – such as a convention center, hotel, school gym or auditorium – where multiple representatives from different companies pitch their business to job seekers. In the midst of this crowd, how does a company stand out?

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