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As a pandemic sweeps through the country, many events, concerts, and other large gatherings have been cancelled in order to adhere to health and safety guidelines. However, some organizations have found that hosting a virtual event is a good alternative to simply calling off their plans completely. Recently, OtherWisz has helped a few of our clients prepare event campaigns that will draw interest even without the benefit of a physical platform.

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Facebook marketing for a Buffalo NY restaurant

Over the past few months, we have been working to shake up our marketing strategy for Joe’s Deli. In the midst of dramatic changes in the Elmwood Village, our objective was to hype up their Elmwood Avenue location. Through the campaign, we sought to better connect with the people who support Joe’s Deli, along with the local community surrounding the area. Joe introduced Happy Hour, Saturday Brunch, and converted the back room into a game room to encourage local patrons to bring their friends and families together at Joe’s.

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As Internet and social media marketing launches into warp speed, can your business keep up? Do you need a Facebook page? How about a Twitter account? Should you be blogging? These newer forms of online communication, known as web version 2.0, provide real-time interaction between you and your audience. This means that upon posting your commentary, article or musings live to the Internet, readers may immediately post their own responses in an open platform that allows all voices to contribute their opinions. Should your business consider these new forms of marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy? Well, yes and no.

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