Brand Identity of the TXTRWall Logo designed by OtherWisz Creative superimposed on top of Rigidized's 6WL pattern

In an effort to reach a new target audience, Rigidized Metals was looking to reposition their textured metal panels for interior applications with a new brand identity. Rigidized asked OtherWisz to come up with a name that would stand alone and appeal specifically to the interior market. Since interior products are used for different purposes than the exterior and industrial applications, it was determined that the mood of the new brand would be focused differently in order to stress the aesthetic appeal of the product line. With that in mind, we were looking to create a brand for their interior wall panels that is modern and complimentary to Rigidized’s other products: RigiGrip®, Contrarian Micro Textures, Vipertex®, etc.

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